Who  we  are

ALIMI Impact Ventures
is a think-do tank and assists sustainable companies and fund managers seeking solutions including business modeling, strategic financial options, value chain analysis, and searching for new deals in order to scale-up Sustainable Investing in Social-Environmental Impact Businesses in Latin America.
We act based on a Systemic Perspective by including the different key players in international value chains, impact investors, large corporations, policy makers, and development banks.

Our core expertise themes are: Agroforestry & Conservation; Access to Healthcare; Sustainable Construction Our action is consolidated in four main streams:
  Assess and Develop Investable Deals
  Engage Large Companies into Sustainable Investing
  Promote a Transformation Leaders Network
  Educational programs in Social Finance & Impact Investing

How   we   do   it

Assess and Develop Investable Deals

• Market Assessment and identification of impact driven start-ups that are or could become investable;
• Provide the necessary consulting and training for integrating the pre-selected start-ups in international value chains as well as getting them investment ready;
• Identify the gaps for sustainable investing in different businesses’ value chains;
• Develop Business Attractiveness Reports for Investors.

Engage the large Companies

• We support large companies to develop a sustainable investing strategy in their current or complementary product portfolio or social investment strategy
    - New product lines identification and positioning in the current product portfolio
    - Participatory planning workshops with employees, suppliers and partners
    - Impact Assessment and Measurement
    - Technical Assessment and potential needed conversions implementation support

• Value Chain Assessment and Analysis in order to identify enhancement opportunities for sustainable investors

Transformation Leaders Network

• The Transformation Leaders Network is formed by a group of like-minded investors with previous experience in purpose-driven businesses with a financial return.
• Map common investment topics and co-invest in a blended portfolio for joint action; Jointly bring in pre-selected experts in the co-related topics: trends in impact businesses; de-risking investment; creative innovation; inter-generational governance, legal and tax aspect, among others;
• Prove/show-case that mainstreaming sustainable investing in impact businesses is feasible;
• Share risk when accessing new trends (services/products);
• Co-invest for filling the lack of seed, early and venture-stage capital.

Educational Programs in Social finance and Impact Investing in Latin America

The objective of the education programs is to provide up-to-date tools for the management of impact-driven enterprises; for supporting companies integrating the topic in their social investment portfolio; for students to experience impact by developing projects in the front-line.

Alimi Impact Ventures collaborates with highly reputable business schools and incubators for the development of these programs.

• Executive Education programs
• Experiential Learning with impact start-ups in Brazil, specialized for two target groups:
    • MBAs International Modules and Trade Promotion Agencies
    • Undergrad Students

Current Projects

The project involves scaling up restoration and conservation in the Cerrado by providing an economic value to the standing forest.
Its focus is on the sustainable extractivism corridor looking at the value chains of the Cerrado Nuts (Castanha de Baru), Pequi, others. The target group is formed by: Agri-Women (3 generations), teenagers co-related to the sustainable extractivism value chain from both genders and ethnicities, indigenous villages. These target groups are located in the Land Reform Territories, indigenous villages and quilombola communities.
Among the main project’s elements there are the technical support and training, the establishment of indicators based on environmental services, and access to credit and to consumer markets.

In this one-day forum we will explore business models, entrepreneurial ideas, initiatives that rescue traditional techniques, as well as innovations in services and products which engage and connect the tripod Sustainable Agriculture, Nutrition and Longevity.

The Forum will promote an integrated perspective to address the food and nutrition security, ecosystem integrity, climate mitigation or resilience and its impact on longevity.
It will be held in Sao Paulo city in September 2019. Program and partners to be announced soon.

The Market Assessment offers an overview of impact investing in climate-smart agriculture in Brazil, especially in the biomes Amazonia, Atlantic Forest, and the Cerrado (Brazilian Savannah).
The motivation for the development of this report originated from a series of interviews with private investors and foundations regarding the feasibility of scaling up agriculture-related, climate change mitigation initiatives, more specifically those involving standing forest such as agroforestry and integrated crops, livestock and forestry systems, and the forest and land restoration associated with these practices.
The assessment outlines various initiatives, in different stages of development, that involve farming directed at reducing and mitigating climate change, in order to inspire new investment in this arena. The assessment’s report, detailed cases and videos are available at: www.climatesmart.com.br
The assessment’s concept development and project coordination was done by Alimi Impact Ventures, in cooperation with Impact Hub Sao Paulo, CORS (Center for Organization Studies) from USP, and the WRI – Verena Project. It counted on the support of Rabobank Foundation as part of the Kickstart Food Initiative.

Our team

Angélica Rotondaro

Partner/Blended Finance and Sustainable Value Chains

Yara Baxter

Partner / Access to Healthcare and CSR

Waldir Hannemann

Advisor / Social Media and Experiential Learning

Nobuiuki C. Ito

Senior Consultant / Impact Investing

Cilene Marcondes

Associate Consultant CSR/Gender Empowerment

Cezar Moreira

Associate consultant market research and education

Barbara Dubach

Advisor / Stakeholder Engagement and Materiality

Patricia Taeko

Senior Consultant / Stakeholder Engagement and Materiality


For more information please contact: angelica.rotondaro@alimi.com.br